Model No. MSRP Year UPC Man/Dist Sculptor Box Art
5005 Free 1997 0 90733 05005 2 P -------- James Bama
The Bride Of Frankenstein
Unfolded "The Bride of Frankenstein" box/Includes Polar Lights Newsletter blurb
Free to subscribers of the "Polar Lights Press" newsletter
Limited Edition of 4000 copies printed
The Bride of Frankenstein unfolded box
Polar Lights Press
Giveaway included in kits released in 1997/8 pages + 4 Center Spread pages
Unfolded and unnumbered "The Bride of Frankenstein" box was given away rather than the free, numbered poster advertised
Front Back
Center Spread
Free Poster Offer for One-Year (four-issue) subscription to POLAR LIGHTS PRESS
Opposite side of POLAR LIGHTS PRESS subscription and Survey card