Model No. MSRP Year UPC Man/Dist Sculptor Box Art
5029 $20.99 1999 0 90733 05029 8 P Unknown Dick Prezio
The Go Cart
Long box

Front Side

Top Side

Left Side

Right Side

Bottom Side

Test Shot Front Side - Click here for a larger image

Test Shot Front (Photo courtesy of Stephen Agnelli)

Test Shot Left Side - Click here for a larger image

Test Shot Left Side (Photo courtesy of Stephen Agnelli)

Test Shot Right Side - Click here for a larger image

Test Shot Right Side (Photo courtesy of Stephen Agnelli)

Stephen Agnelli detailed his involvement with the production of Model No. 5029 The Go Cart:

             "Long story made into a short one, I was the person who provided an original
              Go Cart buildup for Tom Lowe to reproduce it from. In return, this promo
              was one of the things I received in an agreement to the business transaction.
              Also, if you look inside the instruction sheet of the Go Cart kit under the
              picture of how it will look when finished, my name appears under it with a
              memorial to a friend of mine who gave me this kit on my 11th birthday.  He
              made it possible for this kit to be reproduced once more.  Tom Lowe himself
              wrote a personal thank you to him for the reproduction to be made possible."*

             *Edited for clarity

Mr. Agnelli put his test shot of The Go Cart up for auction on ebay with this description:

             "Hi all.  Believe it or not, this is a genuine FACTORY PROMO / PROTOTYPE model
              from Polar Lights when this kit was reissued!! It was personally given to me
              by Tom Lowe, the founder and CEO of Polar Lights, in a business deal in the
              early days of these reissues.  It is a built kit, with no paint whatsoever.
              Notice the unchromed engine parts, unlike the original reissue that comes
              with these parts all chromed.  This is how you can distinguish this as a
              promo.  It is a great uncommon piece, for any Aurora/reissue enthusiast at
              heart. I doubt you will see another one of these around.  Oh, this kit is
              complete with all pieces.  The hanging front "People Beware" (in jaw) sign,
              was kept loose, and will be shipped in its own little bag.  Thanks for looking
              It's a great piece.  Don't let it get away.  This is a very good, Buy It Now
              price**, for a very rare item."*

             *Edited for clarity
            **FYI: $199.99 + $15.00 S/H, October 2016

Prototype vs. Test Shot

              Normally when a model is to be made, an original sculpture is made of the
              subject.  That serves as the pattern or prototype.  It is then meticulously
              segmented into parts that are carefully organized to allow a mold to be made.
              The molds usually create many parts at once by shooting melted plastic into
              them.  Once cooled, many of the various parts are connected to one another,
              because the plastic in the pathways to fill each mold part becomes what is
              known as a sprue.  The individual parts are then separated from the sprues and
              tested for accuracy of fit with other parts, texture, and ease of extraction
              from the mold.  The molds are then modified to fix any problems found.  Test
              shots are made each time the molds are modified.  Once all discrepancies are
              fixed, the model is ready to go into production.

              In the case of the production of Polar Lights #5029 "The Go Cart", the
              original Aurora "Godzilla's Go Cart" Mr. Agnelli provided Polar Lights was used
              as the pattern or prototype.  Molds were made from each part of the carefully
              disassembled kit.  Test samples were then made to check for the accuracy and
              fit of every part produced from those new molds.  How were they tested?
              Attempts were made to assemble them into a completed model.  It is at this
              testing phase that Mr. Agnelli's Go Cart model was produced.  Since the entire
              model appears to have a few differences compared to the final production model, it
              appears this test shot is one of the earlier ones produced for "The Go Cart".