Model No. MSRP Year UPC Man/Dist Sculptor Box Art
0 90733 05018 2
0 90733 08001 1
Randy Bowen Chris White
Photograph of Dave Metzner built-up kit
The Wolf Man
Polar Lights original
The Wolf Man
As portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr. in
Universal Pictures 1941 film classic "The Wolf Man"

1/4 Scale Cold-Cast porcelain figure kit

Front Side

Top Side

Left Side

(Note: Stamped kit #0-006 matches the number on the Certificate of Authenticity)

Right Side

Bottom Side

The following photographs are of kit #8001 only.

Front Side with taped-on Certificate of Authenticity Envelope #0-006

Back Side

Certificate of Authenticity

I bought this kit from Tom Parker who originally purchased it at the Playing Mantis Annual Warehouse Sale 2000. According to Tom, Lisa Greco (the Playing Mantis Consumer Services Manager at the time) told him Model Kit #0-006 was the lowest number available to the public for sale. The first five numbered kits were distributed to people involved with the production as listed below:

Thomas E. Lowe
President and Founder
Playing Mantis
#0-003 Dave Metzner
Polar Lights Brand Manager
Playing Mantis
#0-004 Randy Bowen
(credited as Sculpter (sic) on the Certificate of Authenticity)
#0-005 The Chaney Estate
Chaney Enterprises