Model No. MSRP Year UPC Man/Dist Prototype Creator Designer & Box Art
---- $00.00 2000 - ----- ----- - P Russ Hooten David Potter
Yama's Hawg
Wonderfest 2000 Polar Lights Bulletin Board Member Exclusive

Front Side

Front Side in Shrinkwrap

Top Side

Left Side

Right Side

Bottom Side

Sticker closeup

Prototype (Photo courtesy of Russ Hooten)

Prototype (Photo courtesy of Russ Hooten)

Prototype of SuperYama's Hawg version (Photo courtesy of Russ Hooten)

David M. Potter
Creator - Designer - Artist

David M. Potter, Polar Lights Bulletin Board (PLBB) moderator/member with the "yamahog" username, jokingly submitted his original artwork into a PLBB thread as a suggestion for a future PL release. Most of the other PLBB members had a good laugh about it, and some even agreed it would make a great kit. As time passed, it seemed his post would soon become a fading memory like so many other posts before it. Due to one person's perseverance, it didn't.

Lisa Greco decided she'd make it a reality!

As PLBB moderator and PL Customer Service Representative, she got permission from PL management to allocate company supplies to produce over 40 "Yama's Hawg" boxes featuring yamahog's artwork!

All but one were filled with random sprues from various kits. The sole exception actually contained the complete Model #5017 "The Green Hornet's Black Beauty". Most of the boxes were shrinkwrapped and had stickers identifying each one as a "POLAR LIGHTS CERTIFIED LIMITED EDITION" (These stickers had previously been used on the "Certificate of Authenticity" sheets included with each Model #8001 "The Wolf Man" kit. All but one of the "Yama's Hawg" kits were included in "Goodie Bags" along with exclusive PLBB hats and other fun giveaways Lisa had put together for all of the PLBB members attending "WonderFest 2000" in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since many of the PLBB members weren't able to attend the event, Lisa came up with a contest for them. The prize? The last "Yama's Hawg" kit. That kit was the only one not shrinkwrapped, so it didn't come with the sticker. It is the kit shown above. I, Tony (phrankenstign) Ortega, was the lucky winner of that on-line contest. (I later acquired the shrinkwrapped kit above from one of the other PLBB WonderFest 2000 attendees.)

However, Lisa wasn't finished!

She'd previously gotten Russ Hooten to actually build a prototype model. He used his considerable skills to create the work of art which can be displayed two different ways--meek & mild Yama's Hawg or SuperYama's Hawg! (as shown above). Russ made sure to complete it in time for the event. yamahog himself was presented with the prototype, and the whole event resulted in quite a highlight for PLBB members. It turned many internet acquaintances into actual friends!

To this day, "Yama's Hawg" brings back a flood of great memories for many PLBB members. Lisa's determination and hard work made WonderFest 2000 a special bonding experience for PLBB members and the good folks at Polar Lights/Playing Mantis.